Companies In Ireland

Companies In Ireland

When it comes to foreign direct investment, Ireland is by far the most attractive destinations in the world. Apart from the several multi-national companies that operate in the island nation, there are a number of strong indigenous businesses as well. Some of the major Irish companies that play a key role in the international markets include the CRH, Smurfit Kappa, Glen Dimplex, DCC, Paddy Power, Greencore, and Kingspan.

For more than 1,000 tech giants like Google, Paypal, HP, Facebook, IBM, and Apple, Ireland is the hub when it comes to their Euro Zone operations. Such companies that that are looking for highly qualified, talented, and skilled workers often set up their operations base in Ireland. Even during the recent recession years, PayPal and Google retained their workforce. Later on, they hired several people to expand their operations in the region. Ireland often acts as the bridgehead for most multi-national companies having operations in the Euro Zone.

Opportunities abound in the IT, Cloud computing, Business, and Finance sectors in Ireland. Local and international students with the right qualifications and experience in relevant fields will not experience any kind of difficulty in securing a job in Ireland. However, it is very important that students plan their career path in advance and work towards achieving their goals. Employers in Ireland are only more than willing to offer visas to the deserving candidates.

Statistics show that out of the top ten ICT companies around the world, nine have operations in Ireland. Similarly, eight of the top ten global gaming companies have a strong presence in Ireland. Further, fifteen of the top twenty pharmaceuticals and medical devices suppliers make use of Ireland as their Euro Zone operations hub. Additionally, over 50 percent of the leading financial services companies around the world have set up strong operations bases in the island nation.

Prospective employers in Ireland handpick the best candidates for various jobs. Students are, therefore, advised to prepare themselves well before submitting their job applications to various companies. At least one year of preparation is necessary as they will have to go through tough recruitment procedures. Ireland continues to remain an attractive jobs destination for students because it is a well-known fact around the world that jobs outnumber people in Ireland. All said and done, it is entirely up to the students studying in Ireland to make the best use of the opportunities that are presented to them.

Top 10 IT Companies in Ireland

#1: Microsoft

#2: Apple Ireland

#3: Dell Ireland

#4: Oracle

#5: Facebook

#6: Sandisk

#7: Kingston

#8: VMware

#9: Intel Ireland

#10: Maxim Integrated Products

Top 10 Communications Companies in Ireland

#1: Google

#2: Apple Ireland

#3: Facebook

#4: Maxim Integrated Products

#5: Eircom

#6: Vodafone

#7: Avaya International

#8: Three Ireland

#9: BT

#10: VCE

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Ireland

#1: Eaton Corp

#2: Medtronic plc

#3: Ingersoll-Rand

#4: Dell Ireland

#5: Apple Ireland

#6: Smurfit Kappa

#7: MSD

#8: Greencore

#9: Glen Dimplex

#10: Kellogg Ireland

Top 10 Food Companies in Ireland

#1: DCC

#2: Kerry Group

#3: Musgrave

#4: Total Produce

#5: Glanbia

#6: ABP Food Group

#7: Ornua

#8: Moy Park

#9: Greencore

#10: Diageo

Top 10 Health Care Companies in Ireland

#1: Medtronic plc

#2: DCC

#3: Pfizer Global Supply

#4: Boston Scientific

#5: Perrigo

#6: MSD

#7: UDG Healthcare

#8: Gilead Sciences

#9: Icon Plc

#10: Benex

Top 10 Transportation Companies in Ireland

#1: Ryanair

#2: CMC

#3: Irish Rail

#4: Applegreen

#5: Ballyvesey Holdings

#6: Maxol

#7: CarTrawler

#8: Bombardier Aerospace

#9: Charles Hurst Group

#10: DAA

Top 10 Construction Companies in Ireland

#1: CRH

#2: Ingersoll-Rand

#3: Grafton

#4: Kingspan

#5: Doosan

#6: Sisk Group

#7: Caterpillar Northern Ireland

#8: Graham

#9: O’Flaherty Holdings

#10: Actavo Group Ltd

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Ireland

#1: Allergan Inc

#2: Pfizer Global Supply

#3: Shire

#4: Perrigo

#5: MSD

#6: UDG Healthcare

#7: Gilead Sciences

#8: Sanofi Genzyme

#9: Icon Plc

#10: Benex

Top 10 Agro Businesses in Ireland

#1: Kerry Group

#2: Total Produce

#3: Glanbia

#4: ABP Food Group

#5: Ornua

#6: Moy Park

#7: Origin Enterprises Plc

#8: Fyffes

#9: Dawn Meats

#10: Dunbia

Top Retailers in Ireland

#1: Paddy Power Betfair

#2: Pfizer Global Supply

#3: Musgrave

#4: Penneys

#5: Topaz

#6: Grafton

#7: Tesco

#8: Dunnes Stores Ireland

#9: Bwg Group

#10: Boylesports

Top 10 Irish Companies

#1: CRH (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 27.6 billion)

The turnover of Cement Roadstone Holdings is almost double that of its nearest rival and it is Ireland’s biggest company. Though glitzier Irish brands such as Ryanair and Paddy Power have grabbed headlines in the recent times, CRH is an industrial powerhouse ever since 1970, when it was founded. CRH was formed by merging Irish Cement with Roadstone, two of Ireland’s largest cement producers. These companies sought to even expand their businesses outside Ireland. Today, CRH is the largest building materials supplier to the construction companies in America. The company enjoys strong sales in Asia and Europe as well.

#2: DCC (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 13.9 billion)

Known earlier as Development Capital Corporation, DCC was founded by Jim Flavin in 1976. DCC is a leader in marketing, sales, distribution, and services. The company was originally set up to provide venture capital to startup companies. Over the years, the company has diversified and has set up four divisions: Energy, Healthcare, Technology, and Environmental. The oil distribution business of DCC is a particularly profitable division. The company has a strong presence in as many as 13 countries around the world.

#3: Smurfit Kappa (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 8.6 billion)

Smurfit Kappa is a giant in the paper packaging industry. The company started off as a box-making unit in 1934 in Rathmines. Four years later, Jefferson Smurfit, father of Sir Michael Smurfit, bought the company. In 1964, the company was listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. In 1977, Michael took over its operation and the business grew even further. The company expanded its operations into the Americas and Europe. In the recent past, the company bought out the Dutch outfit Reparenco and successfully resisted the takeover bid by International Paper, an American packaging powerhouse. The group was included on the index related to sustainability for the sixth straight year.

#4: Ardagh Glass Sales (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 7.6 billion

The origin of the Ardagh Group also goes back to the 1930s. A business by name Irish Glass Bottle Company was set up in 1932 in Dublin. Paul Coulson, an accountant turned glass businessman, acquired the company in 1998. This was followed by a series of acquisitions both in the U.S. and the U.K. It all culminated in the New York Stock exchange IPO in 2017. As of today, Ardagh Group owns manufacturing operations in glass and metal in 22 countries. Coulson is one of the richest men in Ireland.

#5: Ryanair (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 6.6 billion)

When Tony Ryan asked accountant Michael O’Leary to look at the financial status of the struggling airline, he advised the business to be shut down. However, he took the trouble to study the American budget airline Southwest’s business model and this helped him grow Ryanair into a multi-billion euro empire. Ryanair’s share prices hit an all-time high in August last year, but a rostering problem, unfortunately, resulted in the cancellation of as many as 20,000 flights. Share prices plunged by 20 percent in the first quarter of this year. O’Leary blamed it on Northern Europe’s hot weather, the World Cup, and uncertainty related to strike called by a section of the company staff. Known for its uncanny ability in turning bad press reports into free publicity, it remains to be seen as to how Ryanair will move forward this year.

#6: Kerry Group (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 6.4 billion)

In the ingredients market, Kerry Group is a world leader. The company’s brand portfolio ranges from Cheesestrings to Denny. This is what makes the company a standard feature of many Irish households. In 1972, the company started producing ingredients for the dairy industry in Listowel. Like some of the other businesses that are included in this list, several shrewd international acquisitions enabled the company to grow into a giant in its field. Kerry Group’s operations spread across five continents, but headquarters is still in Tralee. In 2012, the company opened a Euros 100 million a centre for technological developments in Naas, Kildare County.

#7: Primark (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 4.4 billion)

Primark is expanding its operations aggressively into the U.K., the U.S., and Europe in spite of not having a web presence. Among cloth retailing businesses in the U.K., the company is present in the top three. Its four stores in Italy have been consistently putting up a great performance for many years now. The opened the first U.S. store in 2015 in Boston. The company has put up an encouraging performance so far. The tenth U.S. store is scheduled to be opened this year in Florida.

#8: Total Produce (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 4.3 billion)

Total Produce grows, packs, and distributes fresh produce. Headquarters of the company is in Dundalk. A Fyffes demerger in 2007 gave birth to this company. Today, this one of a kind company is the largest in its niche and a market leader in Europe. The company has plans for growing substantially in North America. In 2016, Total Produce increased its stake in Oppy, a Canadian fresh produce distributor to 65 percent. In addition, the company also purchased 65 percent stake in Progressive Produce of California. This year, Total Produce has announced its plans to buy 45 percent stake in American rival Dole owned by the billionaire David Murdock. The deal is worth $300 million.

#9: Musgrave (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 3.7 billion)

Musgrave, a wholesaler, distributes products to its own network consisting of franchised retail brands such as Centra, Daybreak, and Supervalu. The company, established in 1876 in Cork, was founded by Stuart and Tom Musgrave, brothers from Leitrim. In 2017, the company reported sales of Euros 3.7 billion and rolled out the coffee brand Frank and Honest coffee brand to its own stores across the nation. Its operations in Spain and the U.K. continue to remain steady. Last year, Musgrave signed a deal with Bahrain’s high-end supermarket chain.

#10: Kingspan (Annual Turnover As Of 2017 – Euros 3.7 billion)

Kingspan with its headquarters in Cavan is a global player in building materials. The company that was started in the backyard of the family pub owned by two brothers Brendan and Eugene Murtagh in the 1970s carries out mechanical and electronic installations. In 1989, Kingspan was listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. During the late 1990s, the company expanded its operations into Eastern Europe. Last year, Kingspan acquired a 51 percent stake in Isoeste, an insulated panel manufacturer in Brazil. The company has already invested in Mexico and Colombia. In addition, the company has opened an office in Singapore, keeping in mind the growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.