National University of Ireland, Galway

The University  is located on the western coast of Ireland which was founded in the year 1845.the university is ranked 249 in 2017 by QS World university rankings and also awarded five QS stars for excellence.

International students make up to 12 % of the total population in this university. This university has five colleges under it which includes college of arts, medicine ,nursing, business and science.

This university has more than 110 active societies and 50 sport clubs. Its also one of the oldest society in literature and debate which was founded in 1846. National University of Ireland, Galway is also a proud member of the Coimbra Group which has a network of 40 well established European Countries. Initially the University was inaugurated with 37 professors and 91 students. Old name of this university was Queen’s College to National University of Ireland under the Irish University Act of 1908. This University which is located nearest to the city of Galway touches the river Corrib. There are five colleges under this University like College of Business, Public Policy and Law , College of Arts, Social Sciences, College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and College of Science.  From the year 2006 St.Angela’s College has also been one of the colleges which are under the National University of Ireland. National University of Ireland has several research teams from the different colleges like CURAM, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science, Moore Institute for Research in Humanities and Social Studies, Ryan Institute-Marine,Energy and Environment and Irish Centre for Human Rights.

The sole intention of establishing the Galway University is to generate financial support from private institutions and people.there are more than 50 Sport clubs and 110 societies in NUI.  One of the oldest society is the Literary and Debating society which was founded in the year 1846.

Why study at National University of Ireland ,Galway:

  1. Top ranking Institution: NUI is one amongst the top ranked universities in the world which is specialized in the fields of Science and Technology, Engineering and Computer.One the college under the University of Galway is the oldest engineering schools which was established in the year 1849.
  2. Global Hub: Ireland is termed as the hub for the Information and Communications Technology and Medical-Technology Industries. 9 out of 10 top ICT companies and 25 Med-Tech businesses are located in Galway. The city is also major centre for the R&D and many marine and water technologies in the world.
  3. Career oriented courses: NUI offers unique courses like stem cell research,human rights , biomedical etc. majority of the post graduate courses offers internship or job opportunities for the students.The employment rate of the graduates are nearly 91% and the students are placed in top companies within six month post graduation.
  4. Scholarships: International students are awarded scholarships by the University based on the merit. There are various scholarships which is awarded for the students like the Taught Masters Scholarships which is valued 1,500 Euros for the successful students and Hardiman Research Scholarships the students annually get a benefit of 16,000 euros per annum.