Overseas Consultants in Bangalore

At FITA, we already have a track record that we follow meticulously, be it the ethical standards or the procedures to serve those students that want to take up further studies in foreign nations. We help students to pursue professional courses like MBBS and undergraduate courses in Engineering and Technology. We offer services to help students to pursue their Master’s programs in different subjects as well as MBA in these foreign universities.  We help students pursue to complete their studies in countries like Ireland, the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, and Singapore among others.

Any student that pursues international study courses in foreign institutions would see the numerous options that open up after completion of the course. All these would help to take the students closer to realizing their dreams and true potential.

Why Choose FITA

If you are keen on pursuing higher studies abroad in educational institutions/universities there, the first vital step to take is to choose the right educational consultant who can help you to reach there with minimum hassles. You can choose FITA for all these reasons as listed below:

Expert Guidance

As an organization, we work in a very professional manner. Added to this is our experience in the field of career counselling as well as our expertise in the field of education guidance for those who want to study in foreign universities.

Trained Counsellors

Our counsellors are noted for both their experience and their expertise.  They are trained to help the student with baby steps and help them to choose the right country, the right institution and the right course for themselves.

Universities of Repute

We are connected to some of the best institutions in the world. With years of experience behind us as overseas educational consultants in Bangalore, we recommend the best courses that these institutions provide. Our office in Bangalore has the most modern infrastructure to stay connected with these universities on a real-time basis.

Rich Course/Program Menu

At FITA, we allow the student to choose the course that he/she wants the most. For this, we offer a staggering range of programs from many reputed institutions around the world: Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Arts, Commerce, Nursing/Midwifery, Dentistry, Paramedical Courses, Pure Science streams, Mathematics, MBA, Hotel Management, etc., among others.

Valuable Certificates

As one of the most reliable overseas educational consultants in Bangalore, the institutions that we connect to provide valued certifications for their programs that are recognized the world over and hence are very much sought after.

At FITA, we provide assistance for every step of the student’s journey in procuring admission in all of these renowned institutions abroad.

Other Services That We Offer

As one of the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore, we also provide other services that are of great help for a student seeking admission into foreign universities for further studies. They are briefly listed below:

Education Counselling

We have expert education counsellors on our rolls that would go all out in helping to identify the right course for the aspirant in terms of their aptitude, the universities of their choice, their financial background and the fee structure. The course suggested will also be in line with the career objectives of the student.

The most vital factors that determine your success in this endeavour is to choose the right destination and the university. Our counsellors are trained to do just that they would help you to shortlist the best universities and best courses within your budget and according to your career objectives.

Test Preparation

At FITA, we offer classroom training for English proficiency tests: IELTS and TOEFL. These classroom sessions are supported by expert coaches and the best quality course material that is comprehensive and result-oriented. The teacher to student ration in the classroom is very high with the result that the attention is personalized. The timings for these classes are very personalized so that students can make the best use of this facility.

Application Processing

This is a very important phase as admission to a university that a student desires is only possible with timely submission of the filled up application form. Our admission counsellors are there to help every student in filing up the form as required and ensuring that they reach the destination university on time.

Visa Assistance

The next important step after admission to a university abroad is the visa processing phase. Visa requirements differ by the country in which admission is sought by the student. The visa counsellors at FITA would help you at every stage and get your visa processed. From filling up the visa application form to organizing the accompanying documents, our counsellors take care of every aspect of this process. The counsellors also help to improve the confidence in the aspirants by conducting mock interviews.

FITA, with many years of experience to its credit, is a natural choice for students who want to do their higher education in universities in foreign nations.