Overseas Consultants in Chennai

We, at ZEFT Study Abroad, are noted for the structured process systems that we have perfected for
sending students to foreign universities to pursue further education. This is in addition to the ethical
standards that we follow when rendering various associated services for the students. Our services
have helped many a student secure admission in prestigious universities in many countries including
the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Ireland to name a few.

We help students to follow their dreams and realize their potential by offering various programs in
different universities and countries that they can choose from and then go on to complete the

Why ZEFT Study Abroad?

If you are a student and have been mulling over the idea to do a study course in an overseas
educational institution, then the next important thing to do is to reach out to an established
overseas education consultant. At ZEFT Study Abroad we can help you in the following ways:

Genuine Guidance

In keeping with the many years of experience that we have had in the field of overseas education
consultancy, we have developed a high degree of professionalism in providing guidance to students
seeking admission in foreign universities and career counselling.

Counselling Expertise

We have, over the years, developed expertise in the overseas education sector. In keeping with this,
we have with us some of the most experienced counsellors on the job to provide valuable
information and advice to the students. They help the students at every step in choosing the
appropriate course, the college, university and finally the country.

Top-notch Universities

We are proud of the fact that we are established educational consultants in Chennai and send
aspiring students to the some of the best universities in different parts of the world. Our state-of-
the-art office in Chennai has the technological infrastructure required for keeping in touch with
these universities across the world.

Varied Study Programs

At ZEFT Study Abroad, we guide the student to take up any course that he/she wants to do. We offer
a wide range of study courses that are as varied as mainstream medicine, paramedical course or
engineering and technology. Some of the other courses that are on offer are Dentistry,
Management, Nursing, Commerce, Hospitality, Management, Accounting, Logistics, Tourism, etc.

Trusted Certifications

As one of the best overseas education consultants, ZEFT Study Abroad has established connections
with some of the most prestigious and trustworthy universities and institutions in different parts of
the world. The certificates from these institutions are recognized the world over are much sought

At ZEFT Study Abroad, we give a few additional services toward making the process of admissions in
overseas educational institutions easier. Given below is a brief of some of the services.

Additional Services That We Offer

As the pioneer overseas education consultants in Chennai, we also offer some additional services
towards making the job of seeking admission in foreign universities easier for the students. Given
below is a brief description of the services.

Education Counselling

In line with our core activity, admission counsellors in the organization take a lot of trouble to find
out the most suitable course for the students in line with their background, the university that offers

the course and the fee structure as well. They carefully choose the course that is most suited to the
educational background and the career goal of the student.

In fact, one of the most crucial aspects of education in foreign universities is the choice of university
and the country. The shortlisting is made carefully keeping in view the aptitude and the budget of
the student.

Test preparation

As part of making the admission process easier, we offer classroom training for language proficiency
tests including IELTS and TOEFL. The coaching is provided by expert tutors and is backed by
comprehensive material and mock tests. The training timings are kept flexible to make it easier for

Processing of Applications

Admission to the desired university is possible only if the duly filled and signed application is
submitted on time to the university. The admission counsellors are well trained in this area and they
have perfected the process of filling in the form with precision and submitting to the concerned
university within the stipulated time. This saves the applicants’ time and keeps away stress and the

Processing of Visa

Once the admission formalities are completed, the next important step is to process the visa. Visa
requirements are varied in different countries and involve a lot of communication and paperwork.
Our counsellors are adept at filling up the different forms for visa requirement and will also help the
student to assemble the documents that are to accompany the application. They also conduct mock
visa interviews to make the student more confident.

ZEFT Study Abroad is the perfect choice for many students as their overseas education consultants in
Chennai because of the many years’ experience in the field and the continued commitment to