Scholarships In Ireland

When considering the fee structure and expenses involved in staying and studying in Ireland, you might think in terms of cutting some costs. It is imperative that you plan your study in Ireland, including living, prior to leaving your country. Merit-based scholarships provided by various institutions can be of help to you in this regard. Moreover, Ireland wants to reach out to students from other countries and their goal is to increase their numbers in the coming years. As a result, many scholarships are being offered to international students. Read on to know more about scholarships in Ireland.

Eligibility for Scholarships in Ireland

A number of sources in Ireland offer hundreds of scholarships to international students coming to the country for higher education. The scholarship sources include the Irish higher education institutions (College, University, and Institute of Technology), the Government of Ireland, and other organisations. The individual organisations award scholarships solely at their discretion based on the eligibility criteria set by them. It is, therefore, recommended that students directly contact the institution/organisation of their choice for more detailed information on the subject.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Ireland

Students considering higher studies in Ireland must start their application procedure 8 to 12 months ahead of the major intake in September and minor intake during January/February every year. However, scholarship deadlines often vary from one institution to another.

There is no set procedure for applying for scholarships by students that want to study in Ireland. However, students are required to fill in and submit an application form. Some institutions that award scholarships may require them to submit essays/write-ups on various topics such as work done in certain areas of study or generic articles that reflect student’s personality. In some cases, they might be asked as to why they need a scholarship. If you feel that you stand a chance of being awarded a specific scholarship and require help with the application process, you can contact our scholarship team.

Some Sources Providing Scholarships In Ireland

#1: DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme

The scholarships are available only for full-time, taught Level 9 Masters programmes and cover 50 percent of the annual fees. A student doing postgraduate diploma/certificate programmes are not eligible. Students from Brazil, China (including Macau and Hong Kong), Indonesia, Japan,

Kazakhstan, India, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, and Vietnam can apply.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit an application form. For programmes that start in September, the application process begins in March. The applications that are emailed to the concerned authority will be verified by each college’s academic panel to determine the candidates’ suitability.

#2: Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarships

GMIT’s non-EU student scholarships cover up to 30 percent of non-EU student fees. Non-EU students wanting to docourses in GMIT might qualify for scholarships, but it depends on their English language attainment and/or country of origin.  The bursaries are reviewed every year.

The Institute also offers a specified number of scholarships from Government of Ireland for international undergraduate and postgraduate students from the USA, India, Brazil, and China who have already received an offer letter. The tuition fee is fully waived. HEA provides a stipend of Euros 10,000 to meet living expenses for a year.

#3: GMIT Scholarships to All Non-EU Students

English Language Attainment Scholarships

IELTS Score of 6.5 or higher up to 15 percent of non-EU fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Scholarships to Students Pursuing Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programmes Based on Country of Origin.

Countries with GDP $5,000 or less per year – up to 15 percent of non-EU fees

Countries with GDP $5,001 to $20,000 per year – up to 10 percent of non-EU fees

Countries with GDP more than $20,000 per year – up to 5 percent of non-EU fees

Students progressing from an undergraduate programme in GMIT to a postgraduate programme in GMIT will automatically qualify for a scholarship of up to 30 percent of the fee for that programme.

#4: Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Program for U.S. students offers grants for English Teaching Assistant Programs or individually designed research/ study projects. Candidates may be asked toprovide a Grant Purpose Statement which defines the activities that they are going to involve in an academic year in a participating country outside of the U.S.

#5: The Walsh Postgraduate Fellowships

Teagasc employs Walsh postgraduate Fellowship students. At any point, about 140 students pursue Ph.D. programmes. The budget allocated for the program is Euros 3.2 million per annum. The grant is Euros 22,000 per student. The topics include all aspects of horticulture, agriculture, food, agri-food economics, rural environment and rural development, and specific topics that are identified annually for priority funding. The Programme is not for taught postgraduate programmes. Applications are called for in June and closed early September.


IRCHSS provides funds for cutting-edge research in the field of humanities, business, social sciences, and law.

#7: Law Ph.D. Scholarship

Dublin City University offers a 4-year for an outstanding Ph.D. Law student. The scholarship for the full-time Ph.D. student includes a tax-free stipend of Euros 12,000 per annum and fee waiver.

#8: National College of Ireland

MA – Euros 1,450.00; MSc – Euros 2,950.00; and Higher Diplomas – Euros 650.00

#9: NUI Galway International Student Scholarships

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships for 10 students – Euros 2,000.00

Postgraduate Merit Scholarship for 15 students January/March and for 5 students May/June – Euros 2,000.00

Country-specific schemes.

Claddagh Scholarship Scheme for 10 undergraduate/postgraduate Chinese students – Euros 2,000.00.

Scholarship for four undergraduate/postgraduate Indonesian and Malaysian students – Euros 5,000.00.

Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship for three Indian postgraduate Masters Students – Full tuition fees.

Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship for two Indian postgraduate Masters Students – Full tuition fees.

Scholarship for undergraduate/postgraduate students from all countries – Euros 2,000.00.

Government of Ireland Scholarships for non-EU countries – Full fee waiver and Euros 10,000 stipend per one study year.

NUI Galway Hardiman Scholarships for research students – Euros 16,000.00 allowance per year and fees.

DCU International Student Scholarships.

#10: Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

Trinity College Dublin makes available several scholarships to prospective/current students that want to study or do research at the leading university in Ireland.

Undergraduate Scholarships.

Postgraduate Scholarships.

Study Abroad Scholarships.

#11: University College Dublin Scholarships:

Undergraduate scholarships.

Graduate taught scholarships.

Research Funding.

North American Loans.

#12: Waterford Institute of Technology Scholarships:

Undergraduate Programmes, Higher Diploma Programmes.

A 20 percent reduction in tuition fees.

Students must score minimum 60 percent overall grades to receive scholarship every year.

All self-funding, non-EU students pursuing full-time programmes are eligible

IELTS score minimum 6.0 or equivalent with a minimum of 6.0 for each band.

Postgraduate Programmes:

A reduction of Euros 2,000.00 for full-time taught postgraduate courses

Students should have successfully completed an undergraduate degree with a minimum 65 percent overall grades

IELTS score minimum 6.0 or equivalent with a minimum of 6.0 for each band

#13: Smurfit Business School scholarships:

Smurfit offers merit-based and financial need-based scholarships. There is a high demand for Smurfit Scholarships. As such, the competition becomes higher each year.

UCD Sutherland Law School.

UCD Sutherland Law School Doctoral Scholarships.

Masters Law Scholarships.

UCD LL.M Student Scholarship.

International Students Scholarships – Graduate scholarships include the following:

UCD Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships.

The government of Ireland Scholarships (for Indians).

UCD CSC Scholarship Scheme.

University of Limerick Scholarships.

China Scholarship Council.

Science and Engineering Faculty Scholarships.

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts, Scholarship.

Kemmy Business School India and International Scholarship.

UL Aircraft/Airworthiness Engineering Scholarships.

iGeneration Foundation Scholarship for Georgian Applicants.

UL Progression Scholarship.

Jim Kemmy India Scholarship.

The Government of Ireland Scholarship.