Study In Ireland for Indian Students

Ireland being the one of the popular destination for most of the international students. Ireland is also the ideal destination for high level of higher education for Indian students as well. This fantastic education along historical cities, mesmerising scenery and heritage rich culture. One of the proud members of European Union grants Degrees which are equivalent to that of United Kingdom for all qualifications from Undergraduate to postgraduate. Universities in Ireland offer courses in several vocational as well as technological courses for students. The green card/ work permit scheme attracts majority of Indian students to work for a long term work options. Study in Ireland led to opportunities with increase in ICT and Pharmaceutical sectors. People of Ireland are young and dynamic with a global outlook. There are over 2,000 Indians in Ireland which is constantly increasing every year. The cost of the education is much lower to Indians than any other international destinations. The rate of employ-ability for Indians has increased over the period of time which has led to rise in the number of work permits by the Irish Government. There are various policies which will encourage the Indians to set up a shop and become entrepreneur.

Most of the top organisations like Intel, Face book, Google, Twitter, Dell and Citibank.

Ireland is the third best city in the world for best education in Ireland.

Universities in Ireland:

Trinity College Dublin:

It is the first University in Ireland which was founded in 1592 was also one amongst the top ranked 100 universities in the world.

University of Dublin:

The most reputed University in Ireland and it’s also the largest university. UCD is also the home to Smurfit Business School and three Businesses accredited School in Ireland. Smurfit is the top 100 business schools in Europe.

University of Cork: Best research University in Ireland with more number of Masters Courses in Biosciences, Management and Information Technology. University of Cork is a government run University.

Dublin City University: One of the topmost Universities in Europe for excellent Education in Ireland. The University offers various courses like Business, Engineering and Bioinformatics and DCU offers a special scholarship program for international students.

University of Limerick: This University is situated on the banks of Shannon River. It offers few good programs in the fields of Engineering, Humanities and Information Technology. 95% of the international graduates of University of Limerick was employed or pursued higher education after the course completion. The University also offers attractive scholarships up to 50% for international students.

Maynooth University: Only University which offers unique two year masters programs in computer science which includes 6 month paid internship.

National University of Ireland, Galway: Top amongst 500 courses in the Government Institution. Best University in the fields of Biosciences.

Dublin Institute of Technology: State owned college and topmost amongst the Institute of Technology by the Irish Government. Dublin Institute of Technology has wide range of courses from Engineering and Business related courses like MBA.

Waterford Institute of Technology: This premier college is situated in renowned town of Waterford. Waterford Institute of technology offers degree with strong industry interference with companies across Ireland. This Institute offers partial scholarship for selected students.

Dublin Business School: This Private College is the largest and completely owned by Kaplan education conglomerate. This institute has five campuses in Dublin with very high standard of education.

National College of Ireland: Government funded institute is in the heart of the city of Dublin. National College of Ireland offers new courses Msc in Cloud Computing Program. This college is the home for one of the best Cloud Competency Centers in Ireland. There are excellent scholarships available for students especially for Indians.

Tuition Fees in Ireland for Undergraduate students

Arts and Humanities-€10,000 – €16,500

Engineering-€10,000 – €21,600

Business-€10,000 – €16,000

Science-€10,000 – €21,600

Medicine-€31,000 – €50,000

Postgraduate Indian students:

Arts and Humanities-€10,500 – €20,000

Engineering-€10,500 – €19,500

Sciences-€10,500 – €18,000

Business-€10,500 – €30,000

Medicine-€12,000 – €52,000