Top courses in Ireland

Ireland has a reputation for providing high-quality education and it is a known fact around the world. The credit for this enviable position goes to the government for building a solid foundation and commitment to excellence. The beautiful island consists of both contemporary modern cities and unspoiled countryside. The cityscapes of Ireland, steeped in history, are lined with lush landscapes. Irish people are very friendly people and the safe English speaking country extends a warm welcome to students and professionals from other countries who want to study different courses in Ireland.

In Ireland, the courses are designed to help students meet their needs, providing up-to-date skills and that are necessary for them to become successful in this highly globalized world. Top courses in Ireland include lectures, seminars, coursework, group discussions, simulations, practical applications, and project work. If you are planning to study in Ireland, you can consider doing some of the top courses in Ireland to advance your career in the right direction.

#1: Masters In Data Analytics:

Masters or MSc in Data Analytics is ideal for a graduate with mathematical or technical skills in problem-solving who is looking to advance his/her career in the emerging data analytics field. Professionals can also do this course to enhance their employment potential.

Data analytics involves the collection, organization, and interpretation of statistical information to enable businesses to perform better. A data analyst scrutinizes information with the help of data analysis tools. There is an increased demand for data analysts now as it is expected that approximately 1.7 megabytes of new data will be generated every second by 2020.

Top 5 Universities In Ireland for Data Analytics

  • University College Dublin – Data and Computational Science (MSc)
  • Trinity College Dublin – Computer Science and Data Science (MSc)
  • Dublin City University – Computing and Data Analytics (MSc)
  • NUI Galway – Computer Science and Data Analytics (MSc)
  • University College Cork – Data Science and Analytics (MSc)

Tuition fee for the course varies from institution to another.

  • University – Euros 17,000
  • Institute of Technology – Euros 12,500
  • College – Euros 14,500

Average Salary for Data Analysts in Ireland – Euros 35,000 to Euros 70,000 depending on experience and industry

#2: Financial Technology

Financial technology, an innovation, will soon replace traditional methods of delivering financial services. Examples of financial technology include mobile banking and cryptocurrency. Financial technology companies include both startups and established businesses.

Globally, investment in this field has increased to approximately $22 billion in 2015. Currently, Ireland has about 110 local FinTech companies. Ireland is looking for skilled graduates in order to build this sector.

Top Institutions In Ireland for MSc In Fin Tech

  • University of Limerick – Financial Services (MSc); the course fee is approximately Euros 13,260
  • National College of Ireland – Fin Tech (MSc); the course fee is approximately Euros 14,500
  • Dublin Business School – Fin Tech (MSc);    the course fee is approximately Euros 12,000

A student that successfully completes an MSc course in Fin Tech on average earns approximately Euros 36,614. Typically, the salary ranges between Euros 25,787 and Euros 43,137 per annum. Career opportunities are available in banking, insurance, and technology companies. According to estimates, about 5,000 new jobs would be created in the Fin Tech sector in Ireland by 2020.

#3: Masters In Game Design

Digital games have taken the entertainment industry around the world by storm. Digital games are created by professionals who have expertise in design and development. If you have a degree in software engineering and designing games is your passion, then this course is for you. As a game developer, you can specialize in different areas such as design, animation, audio, programming, editing, and production.

Masters in a Game Design course will be of great help to those that are looking up to advance their careers in the digital media industry. Graduates of any discipline including media, design, art, and computer science can apply for this course. Educators, design practitioners, and engineers who want to learn digital media production techniques can also apply.

Top Institutions In Ireland for MSc Gaming Technology

  • Trinity College Dublin – Interactive Digital Media (MSc)
  • University College Cork – Interactive Media (MSc)
  • University of Limerick – Game Design and Development (MSc)
  • Carlow Institute of Technology – Interaction Design (MA)

The tuition fee for the MSc course in Game Design and Development in Universities would range between Euros 13,000 and Euros 18,000. Colleges charge a tuition fee of Euros 9,000 to Euros 15,000.

The top companies in Ireland that hire graduates in game design include Demonware, Blizzard, Activision, Zynga, Playrix, Bethesda, Romero Games, and Emerald software. Students that successfully complete the course pursue careers Game designers, Game software engineers,

Web/content designers/developers, 2d animators, iPhone/Android mobile application developers, Ux designers, Digital media consultants, and Project managers, among others.

On average, game designers earn about Euros 35,000 per year, which is nearly two times more than the median wage in the country. While a fresher earns Euros 25,000, an experienced game designer earns up to Euros 49,000.

#4: Masters In Project Management

Project management, a distinct management function, calls for expertise in handling projects. The three key features that distinguish project management from other function include the project manager, the team and the system that focuses on cohesive planning and control.

Project management is one of the lucrative career paths that any graduate can look into. It is an ever growing profession and opportunities abound not only in Ireland but also in other countries around the world. The demand for project managers is much higher compared to most other professions. It is projected that as many as 87 million project manager jobs in different industries will be in the offing over the next 10 years.

Top Institutions In Ireland For Project Management

  • University College Dublin – Project Management (MSc)
  • University of Limerick – Project Management (MSc)
  • Cork Institute of Technology – Construction Project management (MSc)
  • Waterford Institute of Technology – Construction Project management (MSc)
  • Dublin Business School – Project Management (MBA)

Top universities that offer courses in project management charge, on average, a fee of Euros 12,000 to Euros 19,000. The best institutes of technology that offer project management programmes charge a tuition fee of Euros 10,000 to Euros 12,000.

Top companies in Ireland that hire project Managers include IBM, Vistatec, ICON, Bank of Ireland, Word Perfect Translations, Microsoft, Ericsson Worldwide, Openet, PwC, and Allied Irish banks.

In Ireland, on average, a project manager earns around Euros 44,000 per annum. The salary varies from one industry to another and can go up to Euros 60,000 for people with 5 or more years of experience.

#5: Masters In Management Information System (MIS)

The management information system refers to the computer-based system in an organization that equips managers with the tools required to organize, evaluate, and effectively manage the various departments within the organization. An MIS includes databases, software that helps decision making, support systems, hardware resources, project and people management applications, and computerized processes that help to improve the efficiency of departments. MIS managers analyse business problems and design solutions.

MIS calls for both managerial and technical skills. Those that are equipped with a master’s degree in management information system can pursue a career in the IT department of various companies, including software companies.

Top Universities in Ireland for MSc In MIS

  • Trinity College Dublin – Management of Information Systems (MSc)
  • University College Cork – Information Systems for Business Performance (MSc); Information Systems Risk Management (MSc)
  • NUI Galway – Information System Management (MSc)
  • Waterford Institute of Technology – Computing Information Systems Processes (MSc)
  • Dublin Business School – Information Systems (MBA)

The tuition fee charged by universities, institutes of technology for a master’s program in Management Information System is as follows:

  • Universities – Euros 15,500 to Euros 18,000
  • Institutes of technology – Euros 10,000 to Euros 13,000
  • Colleges – Euros 9000 to Euros 11000

Top companies in Ireland that recruit MIS managers include Hewlett Packard, Information Mosaic, Bearing Point Consulting, Ericsson, Medtronic, Avaya, Paddy Power, Metalogic, XILINX, and Dell Computers.

On average, an MIS Manager earns about Euros 62,168 per annum. Students that successfully complete a master’s programme in MIS can start their career as a systems analyst, software/applications developer, database manager, network administrator, information technology consultant or project lead, business analysts, project managers, or database and web developers.

#6: Masters In Big Data Management

Ireland is one of the hubs for global analytics for major multinationals such as Deutsche Bank, Intel, Facebook, and Amazon. The Irish Government continues to invest significantly in research projects related to big data management. This leads to increased job opportunities for students that complete a master’s programme in Big Data Management.

Big data management involves organizing, administering, and dealing with huge amounts of data to ensure availability of high-quality data for business intelligence and analytics applications. Data engineers are responsible for developing, constructing, testing, and maintaining massive reservoirs of data.

Top Universities In Ireland For Big Data Management/(Data Analytics)

  • University College Dublin – Data and Computational Science (MSc)
  • Trinity College Dublin – Computer Science and Data Science (MSc)
  • Dublin City University – Computing and Data Analytics (MSc)
  • NUI Galway – Computer Science and Data Analytics (MSc)
  • University College Cork – Data Science Analytics (MSc)

The fee for an MSc course in Big Data Management varies from one university to another, but it generally falls within the range Euros 9000 to Euros 11,000. Students can also take up MSc in Data Analytics or Computing Science and Data Analytics. The fee for this course is around Euros 12,000 to Euros 17,000.

Job opportunities for qualified big data analysts continue to expand in banking, financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and retail sectors.

#7: Masters In Software Engineering

Software engineering is not only one of the fastest growing but also a highly demanding field in the twenty-first century. The requirement for well-qualified professional software engineers is greater now than it was ever before. A software engineer develops/designs new applications taking into account the needs of end users. Traditionally, job opportunities for software engineers were limited to IT companies. It is no longer so. Software engineers are hired by almost all sectors because of the extensive use of computers and software for their day to day needs.

Top Universities In Ireland For MSc In Software Engineering

  • University College Dublin – Advanced Software Engineering (MSc)
  • NUI Galway – Software Design/Development; Software Design/Development (External Stream); Software Engineering/Database Technologies (Online/distance education) (MSc)
  • Maynooth University – Computer Science (MSc)
  • University of Limerick – Software Engineering (MSc)
  • Athlone Institute of Technology – Software Engineering

The tuition fee to be paid for studying a master’s programme in software engineering in a university ranges from Euros 13,000 to Euros 23,000. The fee charged by an Institute of technology would be in the range of Euros 10,000 to Euros 15,000. Colleges charge a tuition fee of about Euros 9000 to Euros 13,000.

Top companies that hire software engineers include Google, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, NYSE Technologies, PayPal, Deloitte, Symantec, Vilicom, Murex, HMH, Realex Payments, Version, Pfizer, Ericsson, Intune Networks, and Salesforce.

On average, a software engineer starts with a salary of Euros 35,000 per annum. Experienced software engineers earn anywhere from Euros 45,000 to Euros 65,000 per annum. A senior employee at the management level may earn up to Euros 75,000 per year.

#8: Masters In Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management involves managing all of the activities of a business including the flow of products and services as well as information within the company and to suppliers and customers. It extends beyond logistics. Supply chain management is a growing field and offers several job opportunities to deserving candidates. The master’s programme in supply chain management equips students with the skills and knowledge required to take up challenging jobs in the field. Supply chain managers have a crucial role to play in all of the main sectors of the economy. This includes the life sciences, IT, electronics, food and drink, retail, and third-party logistics (3PL) sectors.

Top Universities In Ireland For MSc In Supply Chain Management

  • University College Dublin – Supply Chain Management (MSc)
  • Dublin Institute of Technology – Supply Chain Management (MSc)
  • Carlow Institute of Technology – Supply Chain Management (MSc)

The tuition fee charged by various institutions is as follows:

  • University – Euros 16,000 to Euros 20,000
  • Institutes of Technology – Euros 10,000 to Euros 15,000

Supply chain managers, on average, earn approximately Euros 51, 214 per annum as salary.