Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland is a neighbouring country to the United Kingdom. It is among the wealthiest countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the recent past, Ireland has also emerged as a favoured destination for education among international students.

Ireland has a population of about 5 million people and there are many institutions of higher learning of international repute in this nation. Rightly referred to by the name of the Land of Saints and Scholars, Ireland has universities that were set up in the year 500 AD. Since then, Ireland has established some of the best universities in the world known for their excellence. Read on to get some vital information about the top Universities of Ireland.

Top Universities of Ireland

Many universities that are in Ireland rank high for many courses and these are a popular choice for many international students. Most of the universities are set in the idyllic countryside of Ireland and the unique Irish culture makes it a very attractive proposition.

For European students, the education is free and for international students, there are a number of scholarships and grants to fund their studies. If you have decided to do your higher education in Ireland, read on below to know more about the top universities of that country.

#1: Trinity College Dublin

Famous as one of the oldest universities of the world, it was set up five centuries ago in the year 1592. The university is famous for its academic courses as well as the cultural and social atmosphere. It is ranked as the best university in Ireland and was founded as an equivalent to the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford in England.

Trinity College Dublin is famous as a research institution too. It is ranked 88th in the world. It houses over 17000 students. It has three main faculties:

  • Engineering, Mathematics and Science
  • Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences

Located in the central part of Dublin close to the River Laffey, it is very close to the Irish Houses of Parliament and this is seen as ideal for those aspiring to learn political science. The university offers a wide variety of courses from zoology to acting. The university also lends support to the students by assigning a specific personal tutor for the student and also has a campus-based career advisory service for the students’ benefit.

#2: National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI, Galway)

This university is located on the western coast of Ireland and was started in the year 1845. There are over 000 international students in the campus and the university hosts more than 17000 students totally.  The university finds a place in the top 2% of the universities around the world for the quality of teaching that it imparts and the research facilities.

The city of Galway is an ideal hub for students and is a place where many cultural events take place. The university is home to the oldest student society: the literary and debating society. This was opened in the year 1846. The university is famous for its School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. This school teaches German, French and Classical disciplines. This University is also known to contain historical Irish Gaelic documents that are ancient and studied under the Celtic Civilization subject.

NUI, Galway has a Students’ Centre, Department of Human Biology and a Centre for Drama. Al these have been set up as part of a 400 million euro redevelopment program for the university. Other newer courses in the university include B. Sc. (Podiatry) and BE/MEng (Sports and Exercise Engineering).

#3: University College Dublin (UCD)

This university is a popular one and is among the top 1% of universities in the world. The UCD Michael Smurfit Business School is deemed as one of the top business schools in the world. This offers an MBS course. This course takes the 70th position in the world.

Initially, the university was scattered across many campuses in the city of Dublin. However, it is now based in a campus in Belfield which lies at a distance 4 km in the south of Dublin. This is Ireland’s largest university.

The research department of humanities and sciences is a popular one. The clinical and health science department is among the best worldwide. UCD has a large number of international students studying in its campus and has hence earned the name Ireland’s Global University. The university also hosts also hosts exchange programs with many universities worldwide.

The university hosts more than 33000 students. It has 5 colleges, 34 schools and 18 departments dedicated to research studies.

#4: University College, Cork (UCC)

This college was founded in the year 1845 and is almost 200 years now. The University College, Cork was first called as Queen’s College, Cork, and was part of the Queen’s Colleges (one of the three). The other two were in Galway and Belfast. UCC is located in the southern part of Ireland in the city of Cork.

Named as the Irish University of the Year as much as five times, the college offers over 120 degrees in various subjects including architecture, law, humanities, medicine, dentistry, food and nutritional sciences, business, clinical therapy, etc.

The university houses over 80 different student societies and over 50 sports clubs. The societies belong to different categories such as academic, social, charitable, political and religious categories. George Boole, the inventor of the Boolean Algebra, is an alumnus of this college.

UCC is the world’s first university that received the internationally acclaimed Green Flag for environmental sustainability in the year 2010.

#5: Dublin City University (DCU)

This is a much newer institution when compared to the others listed above. It was established recently in the year 1975. This institution gained the status of a university only in the year 1989. However, it bears the 391st position in the world as per the rankings. It has more than 16000 students studying in the campus and this number also includes about 1000 that have opted to do online courses.

The Dublin City University is located in the northern part of the Dublin city. The campus extends to about 85 acres of space and is a mere 15-minute drive from the Dublin airport. DCU is famous for its business school courses and the engineering and computing departments are among the best in Ireland.

#6: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

This institution has been a renowned college ever since it was chartered in 1784.RCSI is now Ireland’s largest medical school and is one of repute the world over. It is a private institution. However, it offers a large number of scholarships for both local and international students for their PhD and Master’s programmes.  There are many ways in which non-EU and EU students can apply to this institution.

RCSI makes available top-class postgraduate courses in Bereavement Studies, Healthcare Technologies, as also a four-year UG course in Physiotherapy and five-year UG course in Pharmacy. There are many other science and health care programmes that are on offer in RCSI. RCSI is an exclusively health-sciences-focused research and educational institution. RCSI spans three campuses: ST. Stephen’ Green, York Street, and Beaumont Hospital.

#7: University of Limerick (UL)

This university is one that houses about 11600 students and 1300 faculty members in its campus. The mission of the university is to promote knowledge and learning through teaching and research. The university offers both full-time and part-time courses. The college faculty are known to use innovative teaching methodologies using state-of-the-art facilities.

UL has strong links with many industries, commercial organizations and different departments of the public sector. The students who complete their studies at UL are in high demand in the job market.

#8: Maynooth University

Placed at the 401st World University Ranking position, the Maynooth University is a great place to learn. The faculty includes international researchers, and the campus community is very strong. This University was set up in the year 1999. It traces its origins to the Royal College of St. Patrick that was set up in 1795.  It houses over 10000 students from 90 different countries and is Ireland’s most rapidly growing university. Over the last 19 years, it has more than doubled its size.

The different subjects that are taught in Maynooth University include Social Sciences including Geography and Sociology, Education, Physical Sciences such as Maths, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Life Sciences such as Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Arts )& Humanities, Law, Business and Economics, Engineering and Technology, etc.

Maynooth offers research in disciplines such as the sciences, arts and the social sciences. The university produces different kinds of professionals, teachers, journalists, scientists and computer programmers. The university is well equipped to cater to the academic, sporting and social life in the campus. There are over 100 clubs and societies that function in the realms of relaxation, fun, or fitness.

In spite of being a modern institution that is growing rapidly and is dynamic, it is still grounded in the ancient academic strengths and scholarly traditions.